Monday, March 17, 2008

What Romance?

The other day during the course of discussion about a movie one of my colleague exclaimed,"are u romantic?" for a minute i was not able to answer and quickly responded saying that you should be asking my wife about it.But that question left a impression in my mind.I was wondering and trying to gather how would you gauge your level of romance,

Is it then number of hugs and kisses shared with your partner?

Is it with the number of activities that you and your partner do together?

Is it the number of times you and your partner get away on a late night drive?

Is it the sex life?

I was confused for couple of days in trying to understand,am i losing out on any of these things which my partner believes is romantic and i believe its waste of time?After contemplating a lot i decided to ask my wife and as predicted that she was far matured and pragmatic ,she quickly responded,that being romantic is state of mind and you can be romantic in everything you do,even at work!! She says the passion that you show at work is being romantic at work,when you want to be romantic,you try to be perfect and wouldn't want anything to go wrong,hence you take utmost care to ensure that things go as planned!!

Viewpoint:When you are confused,rely on your better half!!


Mano said...

might be this shud be included in the S/W u want to create for flirting...

sn said...

these are derieved out of instances heard and said by friends like you in the past!!hence need more inputs if we need to write a programme. ;-)