Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Idly chutney and the concoction!!

Iam always branded to be a critic in the family for any kind of food being served.It could be a tea or a full course of dinner.I always had an opinion on every dish that is cooked.I and everyone in our family rate my mom as the best cook under the sun.Till the time i was exposed to outside food,i always had a preconcieved notion about certain dishes and any variance from them,was not accpeted by me.Even the prepeation of curd or the dough should exactly match the way my mom made else i would never even taste it.Even now my idea of idly/dosha or chutney is no different from what my mom cooks.I have been to the best of south indian restaurants with loads of expectation and then to find that the food is not at all upto the mark of my tastebuds!!
She always had the masterpiece of her hot piping idlys with coconut chutney and a concoction of shalott and red chilly with coconut oil.I would forgo anything for this piece of food.I haven't had any better combination from others except from my aunt back in kerala.Having lived out of home for last 16yrs and have had variety of cuisines from different corners of the country,my taste buds still yearn to have the food cooked by my mom!!
Sometimes i wonder after my moms time...there would not be anyone to carry the legacy forward and her dishes also will get extinct by time!! I feel sorry for the next generation in our family for not being lucky to have tasted her cusine.

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Afterdark said...

For a man, no food is as good as what mom cooks. Maybe because our first taste of food was what she made and anything else in judged only relative to that.

But then you shd not be worrying about the legacy. You learn or atleast get the recipes written. Who knows, your mom will say what you cook is the best she has taken :)