Monday, March 17, 2008

Digital World

We all would have heard about about Digital:

Last week in TOI there was a write up on "Digital Drugs'.All of us would have heard about drugs in various forms..powder,drug,shots etc.But here is a form of drug burnt in a CD.And here is a instruction manual,
Use the Digital Drug CD for:
* Boosting your mood, increased happiness
* Alert yet relaxed state of mind
* Inebriated feeling, without the alcohol or headache!
* Rocketing your visualization skills
* Increased confidence, getting rid of inhibitors

Digital Drug CD - Instructions
Using the Digital Drug CD couldn't be simpler!
Like all binaural beat recordings, simply slip on your stereo headphones and press the "Play" button on your CD player.
The binaural beats will automatically begin affecting your brainwaves, and you'll soon realize the benefit - an ultra-happy mood
and an increased confidence!

Digital Drug CD - Your Experience
You love the rush of a theme park roller coaster, or the true inner happiness experienced during a rare moment of love.
Why can't these moments happen more often, you think? Why can't the world live like that all the time?

With a "digital drug", you can touch those parts of your mind usually reserved for the momentary peaks of our existence.
This is a totally legal, completely safe, non-addictive binaural beat recording that releases endorphins, the body's natural
"happy pill", to bring about an elevated mood state.

You simply slip on the headphones and relax. You feel soft and cosy. As the noises swish around inside your head, you gain a
total sense of clarity and harmony. Your brain naturally generates and releases endorphins, enkephalins, endogenous opiates, and
serotonin... your mood elevates, pain disappears, fears and anxieties are crushed. You steadily begin to realize your sensitivity
has increased. Suddenly everything looks brighter and more beautiful. Why don't people usually see this? You feel like a famous
movie director, with a very special lens on life.

You're totally conscious with amazing clarity of mind. You feel a sense of euphoria. You close your eyes and can suddenly visualize
anything you dream of. It's truly amazing. And it doesn't just last for your sixty minute session... this is a totally natural
"high on life" digital drug, with the effects lasting for hours afterward... no sudden "drop down", no adverse effects. It's just
a feel-great, total-mind state of happiness, pure and simple.

So guys we will soon have digital pubs..offering you drugs in the form of music!!!

Viewpoint:Time is not far when there would be "Digital Sex" available burnt on a CD.Will try and write a imaginative instruction manual on the same :-)

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