Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog..should i,?can i?

Its been quite a while i have been fancying to write a blog,its since the time an old friend of mine has been asking for my comments on her blogs before she published it.I always thought let me be a proxy to the blog published by her.But here iam gathering all courage to write a blog all by myself.Thanks to the motivation from all the ends.Now as i write this i realise that its no rocket science to write a blog.In fact by now you have your own identity(first of mine) on the world wide web.So here is my first blog dedicated to all those blogging friends of mine who have been motivating me, challenging me and making me feel jealous about their writing.I would wish to write blogs that are simple in language and absolutely candid.I would like to stand out from other blogger by adding a footnote called"viewpoint" after the blog,which would carry my point of view about the whole matter that has been described.

Viewpoint-Let me try and start writing,am sure this is the best way to vent your thoughts.


Mano said...

Welcome buddy... a piece of advice of be cautios in publishing what you think

sn said...

Innocent and honest mind need not be cautious of anything!!