Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Obssesion for Glasses

I wonder how someone could say, 'Men dont make passes with women who wear glasses'. I think its a very generic statement. Atleast I dont fit into that generalisation. In fact , i feel its the contrary. I get attracted by them.!! Infact when i met my wife for the first time my improptive question was, do you wear glasses? She replied in the negative and said i wear lenses!! And that was enough for me,unlike other men i was forcing her to buy a pair of glasses and do away with her lenses!!I always felt that it adds class and charm in women!! After 4 yrs of marriage i have already realised that glasses are just glasses and can be used for only enhancing the visual power and nothing more!!Hence now my wife has moved back to lenses,but my inclination towards the women with glasses remains!!.And I turn back at least once if an woman wears glasses. What makes me do that, I don't know. .Today my little sister also has started wearing glasses and that prompts me to write this post,hope it adds to her beauty!!

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