Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Malayalam-Hindi style

I have observed at various instances and at various places about how a mallu tries to be a Hindi speaking mallu,and this mostly happens with only mallu women.I seriously don't understand what fancies them to hindi language/men?May be its the SRK syndrome!!I know women born and brought up in kerala who have specific conditions when it comes to selecting their groom ,
  • Guy should be clean shave
  • He should watch Hindi movies
  • He should be able to converse in Hindi
  • Should resemble a north Indian
OK,if its only looks,its still acceptable,but i have heard from my own cousins and mallu colleagues using terms like,
  • Jeeju
  • Bhaiya
  • Bhabi
  • Deedi
  • achha
  • Ek second
  • Jhadu Pocha
  • Mota moti
  • Mehendi
  • han ji
  • Baap re
  • Kaam wali
and the list goes on.....

The heights is that these words are used amidst pure Malayalam/English sentences by people who have been either born and brought up in some part of north India for couple of years,which is still acceptable or there is one more set of people who would have never crossed the border of kerala but would have grown with chitrahaar and Saturday Hindi movies and some north Indian friends in their colleges and they use these words as style/attitude and what not!!I completely get irritated by such usage,i abhor the fact of (con)fusing language especially when the person can speak the same in their mother tongue!!Am ok if they speak in Hindi and stick to it instead of making a cocktail out of their mother tongue and national language!!

Viewpoint:Lets carry forward our language and culture with utmost purity to the generations to come!!

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