Monday, March 17, 2008

Programmed Mind

Handsome,hot-bod,cool dude,sexy are adjectives that are never assosciated with me for people who have seen me atleast once for real.But frankly i have never ever contemplated once to change my looks to match my friends.Thankfully i have a bunch of decent looking friends/cousins who camouflage my looks.However its the confidence bordering a tinge of arrogance in me and the sircastic approach with loads of attitude that makes me feel close to them if not equal to them.I have always felt and i have been advocating that all good looking guys neednt be smart with their tongue and vice versa.Not many goodlooking guys are lucky with finding a hot babe or atleast flirting with one.I believe that to flirt you need to be absolutely confident with your tongue which means you should have a impressive tone,language and a quick understanding of the person whom you want to hit upon.
There are two kinds of people who try to hit upon women:
a)Sumone who is confident and doesnt care abt the response from the women,they are ready to take a slap with a smile.
b)Sumone who treads carefully and leaves out feelers till they get a positive response,and the moment they find a negative response they would vanish from the scene or they would change the entire conversation condusive to the situation.

People falling in the second category are more quality oriented and they would be very choosy in picking up their partner.
But then if there is someone ready to flirt..then jus do it!!
Over a period of time its been learnt that to pick a person(male/female),one needs to just run a preprogrammed s/w which automatically gives u the desired reslut.And because of this the art of flirting is getting redundant soon

Viewpoint:IT is getting into everyone's personal life!!

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