Monday, March 17, 2008

Not a great place to live

I happened to visit Kerala last weekend which happens to be my home state.Its always nostalgic for me to travel by bus from Bangalore.The most cherished part is when you wake up to the early morning green pasture and chirping of birds with view of mountains and clouds playing touch and go with eachother.Ahh...yes now you feel you are in the state where everything is relaxed,clean and fresh yet very unpredictable.But a word of caution you would have entered Kerala border without any stoppages,but once when you enter the state then you need to be prepared for any kind of situation,you could have a hartal/bus roko or a protest by the local college students which could delay you not less than couple of hours to your destination.You would be stranded short of your destination by 10-15kms without any mode of transport.But beyond that the life would be very normal as the hartal/bus roko would have been effective to the place not more than 10kms.

So welcome to kerala!!

Viewpoint:"Gods own counrty' might sound a bit hyped phrase for the state which has the most number of communal violence,absolute political instability and maximum resistance for foreign investment.

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