Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Maids Are Made In Hell

Our son was born in the month of June 2005.From the day he was born our hunt for the maid for baby sitting started,daily browsing through newspaper/Internet,calling up agencies etc.After 3 months we found a lady at mid 40"s seemed ok,she was a tamilian working in kerala.And since then started our tryst with maids! Everything was discussed and we had a deal for Rs.3500/-month +stay and food at our place.She was picked up from Cochin by car to Bangalore.The day she came she felt sick and was taking rest the whole day.As days passed she started getting phone calls form home and one day she said she has to leave home immediately.The same day she was dropped at the bus stand by car with paid tickets to her home town.She promised to come in couple of days but later she continued her holiday for next one week.During this time either me or my wife had to be at home.Similar instances continued and we had to take a break from work quite often than before.During one of such usual trips of hers she decided not to return back and she sent her resignation through a phone call.Here we are back to square one.After that we have had quite a few and the last one has just left for a holiday for 2 weeks!And there goes my sons to his grannies place back to kerala!! These maids are the most self fish and completely uncouth lot! Sometimes i wonder is it worth the effort that we are putting in for the kind of hardship we and our kids suffer!

Viewpoint:Kids get in to adaptable mode from the day they are born,it could be the place/people/culture/language/food or anything!!

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