Monday, March 17, 2008

Lost & Found!!

Everybody gets thrilled when they find their long lost love or for that matter anything after many years. But what’s the big deal in doing so? I don’t understand why people attach so much of emotions to things which they have lost! On the hindsight I feel that they should be treasuring the existing things with them. I have heard many of them saying, it was so nostalgic when I met her/him after so many years. I always wanted to tell, excuse me do u ever say this to people at home when u meet them after a week or two? There is always such sentiments attached to things that are lost and found.

Some of them get overly emotional when they see that the thing they were supposed to own few years back is owned by someone else!! I seriously don’t agree to this!
I believe one should move with times and be more pragmatic in their lives and take care of their day to day things than dreaming and worrying about things/people in the past..,You have one leg in the past and other leg in the future and pissing on the present. I urge everybody who is getting nostalgic about the past and those who get thrilled about things lost and found to have a more realistic approach towards life and life the present to the fullest.

Viewpoint: PAST: If you look back at them, you have the face to the past and arse to the future..

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Mano said...

getting nostalgic is not bad as long as u don't get amnesia on the present