Monday, March 17, 2008

Past TENSE & Future Cool

Ladies and gentlemen it might be great to re-live the past and be vocal about how much I missed it,but then is it worth worrying about it ignoring the present? Iam of the opinion that life is like a tree with various branches and every branch needn't bear fruits!!
I Would substantiate the same by saying that everyone needn’t have a happy married life!!I have had my share of affairs during my school/college/working place and over a period of time I have grown beyond getting nostalgic about the past and have learnt the art of successfull living in the present and moving on to the future!! Think of people who have had a horrifying past,I think we should always look at the past a nightmare and move forward for a fairy tale tomorrow!! I would be more than satisfied to share my real time happiness with my partner than to brood upon my loss of would be partner in the past.Life is about moving forward and there is no rewind in human life!!
I believe that the best confidant for a married person is their partner!! The moment your partner is a good listener you refrain from things that are not ethically correct,its not about what your partner would think,its about how much you care for their emotions and thoughts!!The bottom line is live the present and build the future!

Viewpoint:Past is a history and Future is a reality!!


Afterdark said...

Look who's talking ?!! :))

Buddy, I remember a wise man saying that if you have one leg in the past and the other in the future, you only end up pissing in the present. :))

sn said...

Tht statement is used in the blog written jus before this "Lost and Found".;-)