Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh calcutta!

I have been awed with the "City of Joy".May be because this place relates very close to my home state and the culturally strong people of this state adds flavour to the ambience of this green city.Life takes its own pace in this part of the world.People are legally and politically correct.They have strong and distinct likings;
Mustard Oil
Red Color
Fish-Sweet water
The traffic here is unlike any other have a road which caters to all kind of transport right from a cyclerickshaw to the tram.And there doesn't seem to be much chaos.People wind up work 6 and beyond that they completely seem to focus on their domestic lives.I think it comes from the fact that,being in the eastern tip of the country the sunsets faster compared to any other city and hence people over a period of time have got used to this culture of winding up work by sunset.The other biggest inspiration to the city is the river hooghly which flows right across the city.Now that the city is getting lot of MNCs ,i just hope that the strong cultural hold doesn't die a natural death like that has happened to other metros in the country.Given a chance i would like to go back and bask myself in the glory of "city of joy".


sidwho? said...

Glad you liked my City.... although I dont think you will enjoy it much of you were to stay there permanently :)

sn said...

Its exactly like Kerala. "Good from far..but get close and its far from good"