Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chennai void-Filled

I myself am not a person who enjoys being in Chennai.But still i cant stop confessing the nicety of the city as told to me by others.It seems the wonder of Chennai is the poise and wisdom with which it straddles tradition and modernity.Its a city equally at ease with old and new,where the past flows almost seamlessly into the future.A city that values culture and commerce without diluting its commitment to either.
The city is a ancient cradle of learning-and today it seems to reap rich benefits in the form of being a hub for IT and financial majors apart from a manufacturing base for several auto giants from the world across.
Chennai has the ability to cherish the old and welcome the new bodies.Its known for embracing those who have chosen to make the city their home-many examples can be quoted from the Kollywood superstar to the veteran politician and longest serving CM in the past,none of them are from this city but they came..they saw and conquered.

This blog is dedicated to my favourite news read"Times Of India" which is launched in Chennai,where there is a premium placed on the written words.As they call it,its the "Final Frontier" within India,waiting to be conquered.With this launch TOI will be the largest circulated magazine in the world.Hope they fill in to the only void-Chennai hole at the earliest and grow leaps and bounds.Good luck!


one among you said...

content engayo paatha mathiri iurkkey :)

sn said...

yeah its come in the editors coloumn of TOI.