Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As a kid it was a compulsion for me to go to the post office to pick up inland(for those who have a short lived memory,inland is nothing but a sky blue sheet of paper,folded in a pattern with a govt of India seal,which was used till the late 90s as a mode of written communication).My father used to be posted away from us and hence we had a strong relationship with the nearest post office.My mom had such a great intuition and am still not aware how she could predict that there would be a letter on this particular day of the week.I used to buy 12 inland for the month,6 to my father and rest to our relatives.When we used to get back from school,we used to wait for his letters and he would make us feel more happier by addressing the letter to us,which thrilled us more even.Money used to be sent by him by Money order for which the postman used to get a bakshish of Rs.5 every month apart from other festival days.In the villages of kerala,i have seen people flocking into the post offices to collect letters/money orders from the near and dear,because they realise that by the time the post man would reach the adresee,couple of days would have gone past.I admire the distance and the kind of terrain they would have had to cover in a place like kerala or for that matter any interiors of indian villages.Slowly these small communication hub seems to have had a natural death.Its so unfortunate that the govt hasn't taken initiative to either privatise or evolve these hubs into futuristic centre for communication.Last heard about Post Office was that they are selling air tickets.This blog is a tribute to one of the largest postal services in the world.

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