Thursday, July 3, 2008

What do u think?

Hi friends, for the past few days nothing kept me busy....hence couldnt scribble that am busy i thot i shall scribble!!
Now-a-days life is going very flat. just doing routine work. Coming to office and going from the office. For the past few days I’m thinking, is this the life? The question which doesn’t have answer. Every time when I’m thinking about this, I feel there is some thing to do in life but, I donno what is that..
I strongly believe that, behind every ones birth there is a good or bad to this world. but I donno whether I’m doing any good or at least am I doing any bad things….no not doing anything…then what’s the use of me for this world…
If once I realize what I’m thinking it’s really hilarious. Am I the only guy thinking like this or most of the people in this world also thinking the way which I’m. May or may not?
Every one of us thinking, I want to do this or I want to do that…but how many of us really doing what we want to do...Ofcourse I’m not giving exception to me. I’m also always thinking so many things…but doing nothing on any of those. that’s what life is all about..


swad said...

Very true, surely you are not an exception.

Nana's said...

Well, let me tell you -- you are not alone in this category. But, having gone through this exercise myself for many times, I can say one thing helps...split your thoughts into short-term and long-term..list 2 to 3 ST items and 2 to 3 LT items, rank it and pick the top least it will give focus...I have done that and it has been working..sometimes, you have to run life like a corporation...pick your battles.

Narayanan - Minneapolis